Is Too Much Sleep Natural?

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Is too much sleep natural? Many of us need to sleep more than us, but apparently, you can sleep too much may not be natural and, harming your body’s health.

How Too Much Sleep is Natural?

Your sleep needs will vary at different points in your life and development. Sources say, however, that healthy adults usually need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night.

Therefore, “too much sleep” is defined as Sleepover 9 or 10 hours in 24 hours.

Why is there too much sleep for some people?

There is a condition called hypersomnia that causes the patient to sleep nearly constantly.

People with hypersomnia never seem to sleep enough and feel tiresome and sleepy all day long, even when sleep is normal.

For others, long sleep is a pleasure, maybe to catch up after a weekend of little sleep.

Depression is connected to an increased sleep need or desire. Depression sufferers sometimes find it challenging to get out of bed.

Is it harmful to get too much sleep?

The answer to this question is yes, according to several studies and sources. Too much sleep can lead to the following:

* Increased or earlier mortality than average sleep amounts. Studies have shown that sleeping too many people are dying sooner than ordinary sleeping people.

* Too much sleep, produce a greater risk of stroke.

* There can be too much weight and too much sleep. Studies have also shown that there is a correlation between sleeping and weighing.

* Studies have shown that sleepers are more susceptible to diabetes.

How can you know if you sleep too much?

Because sleep needs vary from person to person, it can be difficult to discern if you suffer from too little or too much sleep.

If you have difficulty sleeping during the day and difficulty sleeping at night, or if you seem not to be able to get up in the morning, regardless of how long you sleep, some of the facts and suggestions can be of help.

* Keep your sleep journal with an overview of how long you go to sleep and how much you wake up and feel during the day. Notice when you feel sleepy and when you feel energized and look for links.

* People are said to be wired to feel less alert in the middle of the afternoon and the mid of the night, so if at this point you find yourself sleepy, there might be no problem with your sleep patterns.

* You’re overweight? If you find that you can’t keep the weight away regardless of how much you practice or diet, too much sleep may be the fault.

* What is your reliance on caffeine?

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