Sleep Deprivation: Signs of Having It

Sleep Deprivation, Insomnia, lack of Sleep

You may suffer from sleep deprivation even if you believe you get enough sleep.

The symptoms of lack of sleep are not always as evident as you may think; in other words, not only is it sleeping, you feel short on sleep all the time.

How do you know that, then? Here are a few hints.


Everyone sometimes has difficulties sleeping. We all suffer the restless night and the lazy morning sometimes. We may even experience these things, such as changes and pressures in life.

But sleep deprivation may be problematic if it happens often and is unrelated to circumstances.

Debt for Sleep

Experts point out ‘sleep debt’ as a method for lack of sleep to infiltrate your life without you necessarily recognizing it.

Sleep debt accumulates gradually and is believed to occur every few nights from an hour or more of lost sleep.

Sleep debt may be so severe that regular rest spends many nights improving its normal functioning.


Sleep deficiency may make individuals extremely irritated; reports suggest.

Are you impatient and snappy? Are you having little tolerance for your own and others’ mistakes? It may be sleeplessness that is the cause.

Appetite and weight gain increased.

Are you aware that a lack of sleep may increase your hunger and raise your weight? Maybe the body needs energy if it is sleepless, which leads to a desire for candies, carbs, and food in general.

Higher hunger may also be caused by hormones that activate when the body is sleepless.

Even if hunger has not increased much, studies have shown that sleep deprivation may lead to weight gain. This may also be related to hormonal sleep abnormalities.


If you often make stupid errors – dropping, missing calendar dates, messing up your routine, etc. – this may be your tired brain.

Studies have shown that individuals who don’t sleep enough have difficulty doing regular activities after receiving adequate sleep.


Like other mental illnesses, sleep deprivation may not be a cause of depression but rather a symptom.

However, other sources indicate that depression may be caused by sleep failure if you’re sad and have difficulty finding out why you might look at your sleep patterns.

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