I Got Control of My Health Thanks to This Weird Japanese Breakfast Tonic

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93% Do not Know this Method Exists....

The Morning Routine that Changed my Life

Hello there, My name is Jean..

and I’d like to share with you on what Dianne and Andrew told me the night after dinner  when I asked her how she was able to make such a remarkable transformation.


Dianne starts by discussing how it all began when she clicked  and watched a video that led to Mike Banner, a firefighter who discovered an odd ancient Japanese morning ritual while attempting to assist his struggling girlfriend.

Mike created this morning routine to target the REAL root-cause of obesity, she continued, and it’s succeeded so well that one of America’s largest weight loss companies is suing him because he leaked his method to the public.


Mike Banner taught her that she needed to make a really critical… but easy adjustment to her morning routine.


She then proceeded to describe why in great detail for the next 15 minutes…

It’s not what you eat that matters… it’s what you do before you eat that matters.”


She said, “And that’s when everything really changed for me.”


The next day, I conducted my own investigation into Mike Banner’s findings. After that, I made the decision to give it a shot. What did I have to lose, after all?


But when my husband Rob said to me one day, “Jean, have I told you how radiant & gorgeous you’ve been lately?” I thought to myself,  I knew a lot of it had something to do with my new routine.


Rob wasn’t interested in doing it himself at first, so he didn’t pay much attention…but as the changes in me become more evident, Andrew became more interested.

He wanted to know EXACTLY what I was doing so that he could copy it.


He was shocked when he asked, “And that’s all?”


“It’s true. That is everything there is to it.” I said.


And guess who began the same basic morning routine change?


Rob has gone through the same incredible transition that I have.


Most days, I wake up feeling refreshed and energized, and I thank Dianne and Andrew for introducing me to Mike Banner’s simple 10 second morning routine.


I never imagined how one small change could have such a large effect on your life.

Reaching my Limits..

See, I was still struggling and on the verge of giving up.


I was about to give up after trying SO MANY different diet plans, workouts, tablets, and powders.


I had explored all possibilities.


Boot camps, Keto, cycling, jogging, gym memberships, protein drinks, at-home workouts, and every other machine you might think of…


I just wanted to FEEL and LOOK my best…

I thought it was Diet and Exercise..

See, I was under the impression that it was my fault.


My parents and siblings are all naturally slim, so I knew it wasn’t genetics…


I was criticizing myself for being “too lazy” to work out or “not being disciplined enough” to eat properly, on top of the embarrassment I already felt.


But once we started making this small change in our morning routine, we both started to see a lot of positive changes…and I don’t just mean weight loss.

We began to feel more energized, we cut out 90% of our late-night snacking, and, best of all, I’m sleeping through the night instead of waking up every hour on the hour. That has made a significant difference.


After years of failed diets and shame in secret, I realized it wasn’t my fault and that there was a true, long-term solution!


Not to mention that it only takes 10 seconds a day to use…


When I finally let go of my old way of thinking about the problems I was facing, I realized they have little do with:


Since putting what I’ve learned in this “Morning Routine” into practice, I’ve been able to:

And it’s for this reason that I’m so excited to share my transformation story with you.


To learn more about this 10 second morning routine, click the button below to be able to watch the Video  of this wonderful discovery..

93% Do not Know this Method Exists....

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